Synopsis: Is it a good idea to open a package sent by an unknown person? Perhaps you should think twice, because after doing so, the recipient’s life may never be the same. Daniel, a young motorcycle rider from Santiago, will not realize that he is in serious danger until he has opened several of the strange packages that an anonymous sender sends him regularly. As if it were a sinister game, the content of each of the packages makes you ask a series of troubling questions that seem to have no answer. In one of them, he finds a collection of photographs that someone took while he slept during the last fifteen years. Daniel’s blood runs cold, because each of those photos was taken in his own apartment without him noticing. While investigating that enigma, he casually meets Camila, a motorcyclist who, like him, is in love with the road. Together they travel the Chilean and Argentine geography in search of clues that may clarify the origin of those threatening packages. But, as if a shadow is chasing them, they keep coming mysteriously no matter where they are. The story is further complicated when the two friends find a connection between those packages and an inexplicable succession of suicides that occurred in the capital in which the victims before launching themselves into the void from various skyscrapers in Santiago, put on a sinister mask in the shape of A bird. This is a story brimming with suspense, passion, mystery and adventure, but most of all with an immense love for life on the road, motorcycles and freedom. Through its pages, the reader will experience with the characters, the sounds, the smells and the incomparable landscapes of the Chilean and Argentine geography, and will feel in their own flesh the speed and vertigo of rolling on the asphalt. As the novel progresses, the tension and confusion will increase until it leads the reader to an unexpected outcome in which nothing was what it seemed to be and all appearances hid a terrible reality.

Review and personal opinion

Wilhelm Willeke Balmaceda, Writer
Hello readers! Today in collaboration with Trayecto Communications I bring you the review of my last book read in July “The Call of the Highway” by the Chilean writer Wilhelm Willeke Balmaceda, Logistics Engineer who was born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. As an inveterate traveler, he has known a large number of countries throughout the world and, like the protagonist of this story, is passionate about the road.
Now we come to the review, Daniel is our protagonist, passionate about motorcycles and the road, and like the writer his motorcycle is called “Midnight Star”. He is an adventurous person and in general he likes to live his life to the limit, although one strange day the trips no longer motivated him, and he felt that at his age (34 years old) he was already old. 🤔

After taking a year-long trip aimlessly, Daniel began receiving packages with no apparent destination. The story begins with the fourth package received in the month, but this should be received in person at a remote bar on the road, the young man decides to attend to end what he believes is an absurd game, since he does not know who He is not sending these packages to you, or for what reason. 😮

The first package was received at his home, in which was a brownish spider that, trying to escape, bit his left hand. A week later he received the second package with a carcass of a chicken, the third arrived a couple of weeks later in which he received piled bugs, some alive and others dead, and after the fourth week he received a letter so that the next day he would be found. in a roadside bar to receive what would be the fourth package. 😱

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It is here when he receives the package, with a lot of photos of him, in his apartment and he begins to feel really puzzled, after that he meets a group of other motorcycle riders who invite him to have a drink, and also a girl named Camila , that despite not having an overflowing beauty has beautiful blue eyes and they have a very nice and pleasant personality. 👀

After getting to know each other a little more, they both decide to tour the Chilean and Argentine geography, in search of sufficient evidence of the packages received by Daniel, strangely associated with a string of suicides, all really very strange! 🤷‍♀️

So far I can tell you !! The call of the Highway is a story with a lot of mystery, adventure, suspense and we will also learn a little more about the Mapuche culture through various characters in the story. 👌

As we can read in the synopsis, this novel as it progresses, the tension, the bewilderment and above all the mystery will increase until the end, which will definitely not be as we expected. 😉

In summary, it is a book that I enjoyed a lot, because it maintains the tension until the end, it has a very good common thread, the main characters are well elaborated and above all it entertains us a lot. I recommend them if you want a bit of fiction and adventure.