A recurring dream, a mysterious woman, a trip on Harley-Davidson along Route 66… Christie is a woman whose family past seems to hold an unspeakable secret, something she will discover through the shadows of a dream in which there seems to be a clue that will lead her to discover something terrible and unimaginable.

The Hardness of Silk, is a novel that penetrates the small and terrible secrets of an American family, in a journey across the country, from Chicago to Oklahoma, discovering peculiar towns and characters, dark and fascinating, violent and passionate.

Wilhelm Willeke once again invites us into a universe he knows firsthand, the world of motorcycles. Through this new thriller, gripping and full of suspense as his previous novels, recognized by the power to make us travel, keep us in constant tension and anxiety to reach the end of the novel.

Can the past haunt us like a persistent, dark dream haunts us? Yes, and many times, the worst thing that can happen is that it catches up with us.

The novel left me with a halo of understanding, those understandings that we sometimes forget and must take up again about life and family

This novel is delightful. Its characters make us enjoy a story that unfolds through a journey, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes surprisingly.

Christie’s story is captivating and gradually transforms into stories of waiting, encounters, misunderstandings and love.