The call of the road

Daniel has fled the whole life of destiny. He gave up his family’s business, the corporate world, and a conventional life for the freedom of the road. He and his motorcycle travel roads and are free in the vastness of the landscape; a lone wolf in the forests of Chilean Patagonia. But, when he begins to receive some mysterious boxes with macabre messages, he realizes that he cannot escape from the past and continuing to flee can cost him his life.
Wilhelm Willeke invites us to a universe that he knows in first person: the motorcycle world. Through this thrilling and mystery-filled thriller, it drags us onto the road and takes us, with the wind in our faces, to tour the imposing landscapes of Patagonia, to experience romance in the shadow of the Andes and to feel the vibrations of the engine advancing at full speed along the route. A novel for all those who dream of the freedom of the road or for the lucky ones who already travel on two wheels.

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The call of the road. The reader will experience with the characters, the sounds, the smells and the incomparable landscapes of the Chilean and Argentine geography.

The call of the road. A story full of suspense, passion, mystery.

The call of the road. The secret code of motorcycle riders.