This new book comes from the hand of its author, Wilhelm Willeke, who brings us his first novel that recounts the adventures of a young motobiker who is involved in a mysterious situation due to strange packages that an anonymous person sends him.

Is it a good idea to open a package sent by a stranger? This new book tells us the story of Daniel, a young motorcycle racer from Santiago, who does not know the danger to which he is exposed by constantly receiving different packages that an anonymous person sends him.

“He bought a magnificent Yamaha and started without thinking twice, like in the old days, aimlessly, abandoning himself to the whim of fate.

And why not? Daniel thought now as the sound of the motor of “his girl” caressed his ears, fate brings you a gift at the most unexpected moment.

These packages reach our protagonist immediately, the content of these makes him ask himself a series of questions that worry him and seem to have no answer.

Everything gets even more mysterious when in one of these packages, Daniel comes across a disturbing finding that leaves him petrified: A collection of photographs that someone took while sleeping in the last fifteen years.

He took another swig from his bottle and his mind went back to a few weeks ago, when he received the first package at his home. There was no sender and when he opened it, he immediately released it when he saw that something was moving inside. A huge brownish spider came out of the box at full speed ”, reads this paragraph where it is only with this example that the intrigue of this novel can be seen.

It is a text that combines the passion for the road, eroticism, romance, suspense and adventure that its protagonist lives in this story.

The launch of this book was made on Thursday, January 18 at 7:00 p.m., at the Trayecto Bookstore (Nueva Costanera 4177, local 6, Vitacura).

Published by Editorial Trayecto Comunicaciones, this new novel fills lovers and not so much with motorcycles and roads with suspense and adventure.

“The call of the road”, an enigmatic and passionate thriller that promises to captivate its readers.

For the author of “The Call of the Highway”, Wilhelm Willeke, this first novel he writes seeks to attract the reader with a passionate text, full of intrigue and adventure. “This is a story full of suspense, passion, mystery and adventure, but above all an immense love for life on the road, motorcycles and freedom.”