Be part of the news of the unique event in Chile. The media is invited to be part of this unique event of its kind in Chile, where literature will be mixed with the national motorcycle world. This event will be held at Goodstock Bar located at Av. Rancagua 396 commune of providence, on Thursday August 30 at 8:30 p.m. In this event the novel “The Call of the Road” by the national author Wilhelm Willeke will be proclaimed, as the book of the Chilean motorcycle riders, being this novel , the first of its kind in Chile and Latin America that today is already BestSeller and recognized as the 2018 Chilean Revelation Novel. In addition, a call will be made as requested by critics and the press, to be the next Chilean film or series in Netflix. For this event, well-known personalities from the national motorcycle world, film producers, television producers, literary critics, television media people, like many national faces supporting this unique initiative, will attend. For this event, it has the support of the municipality of Providencia and Carabineros de Chile who will protect the safety and arrival of motorbike caravans. Any additional information contact the mail