The book’s writer, Wilhelm Willeke visited ‘Open House’ and told about his best seller. “The Call of the Road: Death is the last destination for all, although not everyone warns them before arriving. No matter how much you run, in the end your destination will always reach you,” reads the prologue.

Sipnosis of Google E-Book:
Is it a good idea to open a package sent by a stranger? Perhaps you should think twice, because after doing so, the recipient’s life may never be the same. Daniel, a young motorcycle rider from Santiago, will not realize that he is in serious danger until he has opened several of the strange packages that an anonymous sender sends him regularly.
As if it were a sinister game, the content of each of the packages makes you ask a series of troubling questions that seem to have no answer. In one of them, he finds a collection of photographs that someone took while he slept during the last fifteen years. Daniel’s blood runs cold, because each of those photos was taken in his own apartment without him noticing.
While investigating that puzzle, he meets casual knowledge of Camila, a motorcycle rider who, like him, is in love with the road. Together they travel the Chilean and Argentine geography in search of clues that may clarify the origin of those threatening packages. But, as if a shadow is chasing them, they keep coming mysteriously no matter where they are.
The story is further complicated when the two friends find a connection between those packages and an inexplicable succession of suicides that occurred in the capital in which the victims before launching themselves into the void from various skyscrapers in Santiago, put on a sinister mask in the shape of A bird. This is a story brimming with suspense, passion, mystery and adventure, but above all an immense love for life on the road, motorcycles and freedom.
Through its pages, the reader will experience with the characters the sounds, smells and incomparable landscapes of the Chilean and Argentine geography, and will feel in their own flesh the speed and vertigo of rolling on the asphalt. As the novel progresses, the tension and confusion will increase until it leads the reader to an unexpected denouement in which nothing was what it seemed to be and all appearances hid a terrible reality ».