Your heartbeat increases, your brain prepares to catch a new reality, your nervous system becomes alert and your body prepares because it knows that something very big is about to happen. If you’ve found this dynamic interesting, wait to see what happens once you’ve stepped into the pages of a novel that has marked the starting point of a literary genre that is already beginning to take shape on the horizon as the discovery of the decade in the field of fiction: biker suspense.

When Wilhelm Willeke Balmaceda took his digital pen to drum on the keys that would shape a story that combines reality with fiction, he did not imagine that this would be the beginning of a new era in literature. We are used to hearing that everything has already been invented, so if we want to stand out, we just have to present something different on the same basis as always. However, the author of The Call of the Road (La llamada de la Carretera) was able to break the paradigm that there is nothing new under the sun, by showing us a universe that until now has been unknown to those who have not traveled the asphalt with the only company of their motorcycle and towards a destination that only their heart knows.