an adventurous elite life at your fingertips. A road is a place of myths and legends. That is why it is part of the adventurous fantasies of both transgressive and traditional spirits. The fact that only a few risks riding their motorcycles on it does not mean that it is an ineligible location, but rather that its mysteries are so intimidating that to throw oneself into its jaws requires an act of courage as legendary as the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation about it.

Could there be a better way to approach the intriguing air in the middle of nowhere than from the hand of someone who knows it like the back of his hand?

Whether you like to explore the world with your five senses or prefer to stay at home, save yourself the risk and let them tell you about it, the biker genre of literature is exactly what you’ve been waiting for to turn your reading into an experience. No one better than Willeke can take you by the hand into the arid desert landscapes that have been part of his life for decades. Now there are no more excuses to stay at home, as a ten-hour journey along a never-ending road, but with many stops along the way, is within your reach.