Until not long ago, we knew about the biker lifestyle, which was reserved for that adventurous elite who dared to transgress traditions to make their way into the urban framework and thus experience their culture intensely. We were also very familiar with the genre of suspense; that form of storytelling that forces us to leave our comfort zone to be alert and thus be able to deduce who is behind the inexplicable, as well as to leave the light on in the porch before going to sleep, just in case some character decides to get rid of his author and act on his own against that reader who holds him captive..

The question that must be asked is: What do motorcycle culture and suspense have in common?

When everything indicated that “nothing” would be the most logical answer, Willeke decided to step out of his comfort zone and open the door to a previously unknown world. . Can a globetrotter have the sensitivity to use words to weave a fictional plot in a surreal world without letting the tension fall from the first to the last page?

The answer is a clear yes. From the very moment you begin your journey along the road Willeke has traveled so many times, your fear will not be that the character will leave the book to haunt you, but that you will fear not being able to continue wanting to live a life away from the uncertainties of the asphalt.